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    About The Bus Bench

    • The Bus Bench is published by Browne Molyneux. The editorial consultant is Randall Fleming.

      The Bus Bench’s roots are in Social Ecology.

      The Bus Bench takes a satirical and editorial approach to dealing with the issue of mobility in Los Angeles. The emphasis of The Bus Bench is public transportation, but we also discuss the environment, class, race, gender and Los Angeles.

      In commenting on The Bus Bench we do not mind if your opinion differs than that of an opinion of a writer on a particular post. We welcome discourse. We only ask that you be respectful. Do not be violent with your words.

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    The Bus Bench bloggers

    • Browne Molyneux is a freelance journalist. She formerly wrote a transportation column for LA City Beat: Tracks and is a contributor to LA Eastside. She is a feminist and is LA bred. She does not own a motorized vehicle, but she does have a bike.

      RANDALL (BusTard) FLEMING has spent two decades working in most every facet of publishing. A former magazine publisher (Angry Thoreauan, 1987-2001), he has also contributed to a great many books, periodicals and newspapers in Los Angeles and New York: New York Post, Brooklyn Spectator, Discover Hollywood!, Ben Is Dead, Flipside, Los Feliz Ledger, Sabotage in The American Workplace (Pressure Drop Press), Notes From the Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture (Verso), and several of the Unreinforced Masonry Studio books about Los Angeles.